Triratan-The Three Jewels of Buddhism

The 3 swirling segments in centre represent the Buddha, Dharma (the teachings) and Sangha (the spiritual community). A trident, or trisula, with three branches, representing the threefold jewels of Buddhism: Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. are the triratna
The wheel can also be divided into three parts, each representing an aspect of Buddhist practice; the hub (discipline), the spokes (wisdom), and the rim (concentration).

                                      Triratna on a Taxila coin, 185-168 BCE,                                                  Symbol of the triratna, as seen in the Sanchi stupa, 1st century BCE.
Simplified Chinese三宝
In pali language it is called as 
tiratana,tisarana are actuallyThe Three Jewels
The Buddha
The Dharma (teachings)
The Sangha (community) Buddham …

Be Contended whatever you have '' If you cannot be a SUN, Be a Star * it is not the matter whatever you are try to be the best whatever you are , whatever you are, whatever you are.....Hirdyesh K Singh

Lord Gautam Budha spread Message of Tranquillity all over the World
Be Contended whatever you have
This is one of eight's Nobel truth of Buddhism
The Eight-Spoked Dharma Wheel or 'Dharmachakra' (Sanskrit) symbolises the Buddha's turning the Wheel of Truth or Law (dharma = truth/law, chakra = wheel). The wheel (on the left and right) refers to the story that shortly after the Buddha achieved enlightenment, Brahma came down from heaven and requested the Buddha to teach by offering him a Dharmachakra. The Buddha is known as the Wheel-Turner: he who sets a new cycle of teachings in motion and in consequence changes the course of destiny. 

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ISBN 978-93-86138-42-2 ,Effective Leadership In various Learning Sectors IRPH DELHI_Pub.Year 2017 - Edited By Hirdyesh K Singh

ISBN 978-93-86138-42-2 ,Effective Leadership In various Learning Sectors IRPH DELHI_Pub.Year  2017 - Edited By Hirdyesh K Singh , Authors Dr Deepshika et al